A Special Experience - Caving with Victoper

October 17, 2021, In Guilin, I went on a caving adventure with the team.

Because it’s the first time to participate in this kind of activity, I feel a little strange and nervous.


Under the leadership of the team, the equipment ropes, backpacks, helmets, caving headlights, etc. needed for the cave were prepared.

What we are exploring is a tiankeng in Nanning, Guilin. A cave connects three windows. After tens of thousands of years of erosion and crustal movement, the underground river channel disappeared and collapsed to form three skylights.

We will reach the end of Pit No. 1 with a height difference of 45 meters and use a rope to the end.


Follow the professional caving team through the window of Tyndall No. 2, to exit Pit No. 3., put on the equipment and experience the piercing.

We won’t be able to see the road clearly without the caving head torch. (The caving head torch we use is: Victoper V8000 Caving Head Torch)


There are various flow stone dams in the cave, huge stalagmites, stone helmets shaped like helmets, lotus plates, cave beads, etc. Quartz sand spar is everywhere in the cave. I use a headlight to shine the stars, like a sky full of stars.


The whole journey is very thrilling and very interesting experience. I suggest you try it, preferably under the leadership of professionals.


About matters needing attention to caving:

  • Under the leadership of professionals, explore the cave, because various situations may occur in the cave.

  • Caving Head torch or caving head flashlights are required for caverns, and mobile phone flashlights are difficult to handle. Use proffessional cavng headlights can make your hand free and super bright.

  • Equipment: geological hammer (normal claw hammer is also available, can be used with a short flat-blade screwdriver as a chisel), gloves, goggles, cushion material (used to wrap the opened fossil).

  • The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cave is large in summer, and the temperature must be over 10 minutes at the entrance of the cave. You can bring a small jacket.

  • The cave is a gift from nature, not a scenic spot, please take away trash.

  • Fossils are very precious and non-renewable resources. Only 1 out of 10,000 paleontological organisms may form fossils, and only 1 out of 10,000 fossils may be discovered by humans. This is a gift from hundreds of millions of years. Destroyed intentionally.