What is the difference between Victoper V5001 and V5002 Head Torch?

Outdoor sports at night, the essential equipment is the head torch. A good headlight can make your outdoor journey more convenient and safe.

In the Victoper head torch series, there are 5 Lamp Beads head torch series, including V5001, V5002, V5002R and V5002GL head torch. When outdoor sports enthusiasts choose V5000 series headlights, they need to compare the differences between V5001 and V5002 head torch, then this blog will help you.



  1. Appearance and Packaging

Colour and appearance:

V5001: Black + White

V5002: (There are three options) ①V5002: Black + White; ②V5002R: Black + Red; ③V5002GL: Green + Black


Package Include:

V5001 and V5002 head torch is the same

1 x Rechargeable Headlamp

1 x USB Cable(5V 1A)

2 x 18650 Rechargeable Batteries (4000mAh)


  1. Function


From the above parameter table, you can see the similarities and differences between them.

Same Point:

  • Does not support sensor mode
  • The adjustable angle is 90°
  • IPX5 water-resistant grade
  • Support USB charging and have 2*Battery


Difference Point:

  • Brightness 

V5001 head torch has a maximum brightness of 8000 Lumens, and V5002, V5002R and V5002GL head torch have a maximum brightness of 6000 Lumens.

  • Switch Mode

V5001 head torch has 8 light modes, namely: T6 white headlight/ 2*XPE white headlight /3 lights on white light/ 3 lights white light flash; 2COB white light strong/2COB white light weak/2COB red headlight bright/ 2COB red headlight flash.

V5002, V5002R and V5002GL head torc have only 6 light modes, namely: 1 light on 1st gear, 2 lights on 2nd gear, 3 lights on 3rd gear, 2 lights on 4th gear, 5 lights all on 5th gear, 6 flashes on 6th gear.

  • Weight:

V5001 head torch weighs 260g, which is lighter; V5002, V5002R and V5002GL head torch weigh 300g.

  • Battery Power

V5001 head torch is 4000mAh; V5002 and V5002R are 5000mAh, with stronger battery life; V5002GL head torch is 2200mAh, with the lowest battery life.


Choose Suggestion:

  • Usage scenarios: V5001 head torch is more suitable for some extreme sports enthusiasts, such as caving, mountain climbing, etc.; while the V5002 head torch is more suitable for some ordinary outdoor night sports, such as trail running.
  • If the weight requirements are very strict, it is recommended to choose the V5001 head torch, after all, it is 0.04kg lighter than the V5002 head torch.