Head Strip Torch Upgrade Design: Victoper T23

Victoper has only one 230°Wide Beam head strip torch until November 2022 - LX200 Head Torch. Now we have upgraded the LX200 and developed a new product - T23 Head Torch.


What New Features does T23 have?

①T23 Full Vision Headlamp

230° wide angle can easily illuminate entire tents, rooms and roads. Runtime up to 8 hours on low and 3 hours on high.

②Brightness increased

The LX200 has a maximum brightness of 600lumens, while the T23 increases the maximum brightness to 800lumens without adding weight (70g). Easily illuminates entire tents, rooms and roads even in complete darkness.


③Blue & Red Light Mode

LX200 head torch has 5 light modes of brightness: COB High/COB Low/XPE High/XPE Low/COB & XPE strobe.

T23: 6 light modes

Wide beam with COB: high light - low light - red light - red light strobe.

The wide beam is upgraded and widened, and the illumination is wider.


What is the difference between white, red and blue light from headlights? Why should T23 add blue and red Light modes?


(1) White Light

White light is currently the most widely used colour light. White light is close to sunlight, and the use of white light in the dark is in line with the visual experience of our eyes, so the eyes do not need to take time to adapt, and it should be the most comfortable colour light for the eyes. Therefore, in outdoor activities, the white light mode of T23 is used for night hiking, camping and other activities.


(2) Red Light

Red light is also a colour light used by outdoor experts. When we use white light flashlights to illuminate when we are outdoors, when our sight changes from bright to dark places, it takes time to get used to it, and there will be short-term "blindness", while red light takes less time to better treat our eyes and maintain better night vision when we are active at night.

The red light mode of the T23 is suitable for the situation not to disturb the peers, and the SOS mode is for asking for help in the wild.

And many animals are not sensitive to red light, so red light is also suitable for dog walking and hunting.


(3) Blue Light

Due to the high refraction and scattering rate of blue light when it passes through the air, it usually travels not far away, that is, the penetration is poor. Animal blood will emit faint fluorescence under the irradiation of blue light. So the Blu-ray mode of T23 is suitable for hunting and fishing.


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