What are the Victoper’s head torch suitable for camping?

A camper with a victoper headlamp fills water by the river


With the development of urbanization, our lives are gradually surrounded by high-rise buildings, and the pressure of survival is increasing. A rare weekend, we don’t want to be trapped in the city, we want to get closer to nature, but travelling is too time-consuming, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, it is even more difficult to move. Therefore, camping is even more liked by us.

Camping can help us reduce the stress of living in the city and relax our minds. It is also an opportunity to get in touch with nature. If you walk with relatives and friends, you can also strengthen the connection with each other.

There are many benefits of camping, but camping is not as beautiful as the exquisite pictures we see on social networks. Especially when you join camping for the first time, we may encounter various situations. So before camping, we need to make various preparations.


When camping, it is normal to encounter insufficient brightness at night. Having adapted to the city lights, we suddenly need to act in the dark, and we will be very uncomfortable, even in a hurry. It is necessary to have a picnic in the dark. When walking around, the function of the head torch is very important when it is inconvenient to hold the flashlight with both hands.

Which of the Victoper Head Torch is suitable for camping? Choosing a head torch is based on the use situation. Since we are currently choosing a camping head torch, what performance of the head torch lights should be paid attention to?


Among Victoper Head Torch, V1000 head torch and LX200 Head Torch are more suitable for camping use. Let's analyze why these two head torches are suitable for camping activities.

1. The Brightness of the Head Torch

Since it is used for lighting, brightness is the primary consideration for a head torch. Camping head torch is not the same as head torch lights for mountaineering or extreme activities. The illumination requirements are not high. It is enough to illuminate the path or objects in front of you. Lumens are sufficient for use at 200-1200lumens.

The brightness of the Victoper V1000 head torch and LX200 head torch is 650 lumens and 600 lumens. It can maintain a clear line of sight without affecting the people around because of the high brightness.


2. Adjustable Head Torch

In camping, if you want to improve convenience and practicality, you can choose a style that can adjust the focus (lighting range) or switch between the long-range or close-range modes.

V1000 Head Torch: 60°adjustable head torch base allows you to focus light on where you need it. High/ Medium/ Low/ Flashing-4 lighting mode ensures you get the exact level of brightness you need for any use through single button control.

LX200 Head Torch: 230°wide-angle, easily light up an entire tent, room and road, even in total darkness. 5 light modes of brightness: COB High/COB Low/XPE High/XPE Low/COB & XPE strobe. ensure you get the exact level of brightness you need for any use through single button control.


3. Charging mode

The power supply of headlamps is roughly divided into two types: lithium batteries and dry batteries. According to the battery installation method, it can be subdivided into two types, one is the "integrated head torch" with a built-in battery in the head torch, and the other is the "separate head torch" with an external battery box. Camping head torch needs to be light and easy to carry, so generally speaking, rechargeable headlights are more suitable.

The V1000 head torch and LX200 head torch are both in charging mode.


4. Adjustable and weight

When camping head torch lights are in use, try to choose a head torch that can adjust the width of the tightness better. In camping, it is not necessary for everyone to be equipped with a head torch. Sometimes 2-3 people can use one head torch together. Therefore, the tightness of the head torch can be adjusted to suit everyone's usage habits. Of course, the weight of the head torch is also very important. The light head torchlight is more comfortable to move.

Both Victoepr V1000 head torch and LX200 Head Torch have Adjustable straps. In addition, the V1000 head torch weighs 0.06kg and LX200 Head Torch weighs 0.08kg. They are all portable headlamps.


Combining the above description, Victoper's V1000 head torch and LX200 head torch are both suitable for camping. When choosing a camping head torch, you can also refer to the four tips above. I hope we can have a wonderful camping trip.