How to choose your Head Torch on Victoper?

Have you ever been confused about which head torch to choose from Victoper?

This blog will show you all of Victoper's head torches. Compare the difference between head torches by grouping, parameters, and suitable scenes. If you're still struggling with which Victoper head torch to choose, read this blog to help.

※ Please check here: the comparison table for all head torches ※

Head Torch Series

First, get to know the Victoper head torch from the series. The Victoper headlight range is defined by the number of Lamp Beads in the head torch.


V1 HeadTorch: V1000 (Black/Green), V1001, V1003 and V1005 Head Torch

V3 HeadTorch: V3000, V3000R, V3005 and V3006 Head Torch

V5 Head Torch: V5001, V5002, V5002R, V5002GL Head Torch

V8 Head Torch: V8000, V8001, V8002, V8003 Head Torch

Light Strip: LX200, T23 Head Torch

Chest Light: CL01, CL02, CL03 Running Chest Light

The higher the number of Lamp Beads in the head torch, the brighter the head torch will be.


The following will compare the differences between each head torch according to the series.



V1000-Black V1000-Green V1003
V1001(USB charging) V1001(Battery) v1005

The V1 series is the Victoper lightweight head torch series. More suitable for night walks, dog walking and running. Because it is light, it is easy to carry.

The V1000 is available in black and green. The green one is a new design, brighter and more stylish than the black V1000.

V1001 is available in rechargeable and battery models. The exterior design is also different. Red light LED bulb design.

V1003: LED Beanie Hat with hat, designed for winter outdoors.

V1005: Removable Lamp Design Head Torch. It can be used as a headlight and can be disassembled as a flashlight.


V3 Head Torch

V3000 v3000R
V3005 V3006

V3 and V5 belong to the regular series. You can choose a more suitable head torch according to the scene of use.

V3000R has more red light functions and is zoomable than the V3000 head torch.

V3005 and V3006 head torches have switch modes, V3005 head torches can be zoomable, and V3006 has a longer service life.


V5 Head Torch

V5001 V5002GL
V5002 V5002R

Among them, V5002R and V5002GL are designs of different colours of V5002. The functions are the same as those of V5002, but the appearance is different. However, the battery life of V5002GL is shorter.

The difference between V5001 and V5002: Please check here.


V8 Head Torch

V8000 V8001
V8002 V10000

They are Victoper's brightest head torch.

V8000, V8001, and V8002 head torches are the brightest of the Victoper headlights, reaching 18,000 Lumens.

Please refer to this Blog for the difference between these three headlights.

V10000 headlamp is reaching 22,000 Lumens


Light Strip

LX200 T23


A strip-style headlamp with a 230°wide-angle field of view.

For details, please check this blog: LX200


Chest Light

Chest light is designed for runners. 

Running at night is a new running experience.
This kind of running light is not just for runners, dog walking or joggers, running torch is a versatile and useful option for both home and outdoor use.

CL01 CL02 CL03



Knowing the basic classification of Victoper headlights, the following will choose the most suitable Victoper Head Torch for different purposes.


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