The main problems of using head torch for outdoor activities at night - Part 2

In the previous blog, we explained how to choose a head torch.

So, when we are outdoors at night, what should we pay attention to when using the LED head torch?


First, the battery life. 

This is very important.

How long can a set of batteries be put into use?

If the battery is used for too short time when we are doing activities at night, it will cause great inconvenience.


Second, there are several modes of headlights that can be used.

There are generally three modes, white light, red light, and red light flashing.

White light is for clarity.

The red light at night can minimize the attention of other people in the distance, and it can also remind people or vehicles near you that there are people here and you need to pay attention.

The flashing red light can set the light language with other people, such as asking for help, special circumstances, etc. There are also many headlights that have a yellow light mode, but the clarity of the yellow light is not enough. When you need to read text or maps, it is almost the same as using red light.



Third, the most important thing is the etiquette of using headlights.

When you are ready to turn on the headlight, first turn the head Head Torch lights to the ground, then block the position of the stirnlampe with your hand and turn on the switch with your thumb, and then remove your hand to avoid directly shaking the opposite person or attracting the attention of other people in the distance.


Fourth, if you use it in a very humid or rainy day, please choose a waterproof one.


Fifth, buy a plastic strip with a strong reflective effect, like a reflective strip, and sew this strip on the outermost center of your headlamp's headband.

There are two benefits.

  • When the back light dangles to you, you will find someone here to protect your safety.

  • When you use up your headlights where you can hang them or throw them in the grass, use them. Other lights can be spotted immediately.


The above is about several issues that need to be paid attention to in the process of using head torch. Hope it can help you.