How to buy suitable head torch according for outdoor activities at night? Part 1

Outdoor travel night fishing has become a unique activity in people's life to relax the mood, so since it is an outdoor activity at night, we need an indispensable tool, that is, headlights. There are many kinds of outdoor headlights, which one is more suitable for you?


First of all, as an outdoor head torch, it must have the following three important performance indicators.


  • Waterproof: It is inevitable to encounter rain when traveling outdoors, so ledheadlights must be waterproof, otherwise it will cause a short circuit when exposed to water.


  • Fall resistance: The test method for the headlamp's fall resistance is generally 1.5m-2m high free fall for testing. If there is a crack and the accessories fall off, it is recommended that you carefully consider buying.


  • Cold resistance: It is mainly used as a reference for the outdoor in the north. If it is a split battery box hand-free headtorch, using low-quality PVC wire, in cold weather, it is very likely that the wire skin will freeze and break easily, leading to the headlight Not available.


The second is about the lighting efficiency of the headlights


  • Light source: The brightness of any lighting product mainly depends on the light source. Generally, the most common light source in outdoor head lampis LED or xenon bulb. The main advantage of LED is energy saving and long life, but the disadvantage is low brightness and poor penetration. The main advantages of xenon bulbs are long range and strong penetrating power, but the disadvantages are relative power consumption and short bulb life.


  • Circuit design: Deciding whether a headlamp is energy-saving depends on the circuit design. The efficient circuit design reduces power consumption.


  • Materials and workmanship: At present, most high-end headlamps use PC/ABS as the shell, which greatly reduces the weight of the headlamp itself. Most mobile phone shells use this material. In addition, the selection of headband materials, high-quality headbands have good elasticity, feel comfortable, absorb sweat and breathe, and do not feel dizzy or uncomfortable even if they are worn for a long time. Therefore, when choosing a headlight, it depends on the workmanship and whether it is convenient to install the battery.


  • Structural design: Is it flexible and reliable to adjust the lighting angle up and down when worn on the head? Is the power switch easy to operate? Generally, outdoor headtorch lightsare used at night. If the headlight switch design is concealed or inconvenient, it will affect the user's opening Speed and experience.


  • The relationship between output energy and lighting distance: The lighting distance is directly related to the output energy, but it is mainly related to the beam shape. In fact, for the same brightness output, the distance will vary with the beam shape. For example, a light output of 100 lumens can project a wide beam at a distance of 50 meters, but it can also project a very narrow beam at a distance of 200 meters.


Today’s sharing is here, hoping to help friends who need to buy led headlights. In addition, many friends will also ask what should be paid attention to when using headlights outdoors. Please continue to pay attention to our article, we will elaborate on this issue in the next article~