How to prepare for a successful camping?

Camping is a fun outdoor activity. You can bring your equipment, find a quiet place to camp in the mountains, and enjoy the tranquility and happiness in nature.

Camping is wonderful, but this beauty is based on adequate preparation. If the camping fails, your experience will be greatly reduced. After you come back, you may swear that you will never go again.


Camping Progress 0%

Pre-departure Preparation


  1. Partner: Find an experienced/like-minded partner.
  2. Time: Weekendis more better.
  3. Route: Choose a mature and commonly used route before camping. Don't decide the map out of thin air, otherwise it's easy to get lost.
  4. Weather: Choose a good weather to go camping.


Camping Progress 20%

Necessary Equipment

  1. Headlight

Headlights are equipment that can illuminate while walking. If you don't have a headlight, you can only use your mobile phone to illuminate when you walk, which is very inconvenient. The camping head torcht is light in weight and can be used when the hands are occupied, such as cooking while looking for ingredients, while walking with trekking poles and seeing the road conditions ahead.(Victoper V1000 Head Torch For Camping)


  1. Backpack

To go camping, you have to carry a lot of things, so you need a specially designed backpack.


  1. Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are a kind of equipment that helps you to walk outdoors. You need to use your arms to maintain your balance when you travel long distances outdoors. If you don't have trekking poles, you will walk staggering.

  1. Water Bag

The water bag is a portable device for drinking water. It can drink water while walking and keep the body hydrated at all times.


Camping Progress 40%


Correct Dress

  1. Underwear

Underwear is used to wick away sweat. Wearing the wrong underwear will make you wet all over, so choose a special outdoor sweat-wicking underwear, which can effectively conduct body sweat and keep you dry.

  1. Warm clothing

There is a big temperature difference in the mountains. Even if the temperature in the city is high, the temperature in the mountains may make you feel cold. It is a wise choice to bring more clothes.

  1. Hiking shoes and socks

Footwear for trekking is made for the mountainous ground. Professional trekking shoes and socks can protect the feet and prevent blisters.

    4. Outerwear

Outerwear is clothing that resists wind and rain. Without an outerwear you will tremble in the wind and rain. Outdoor outerwear includes soft shell and hard shell, which can meet the requirements of warmth, windproof and waterproof in mountainous areas.

    5. Raincoat

Raincoats are spare rain-proof clothing.

Even if the sky is clear when you leave, it may rain in the mountains. You can put a raincoat in your bag just in case. Because the raincoat has no moisture permeability, it can also play a role in keeping warm in the wind and rain.


Camping Progress 60%


Camp Equipment

  • Cooking Equipment
  1. Stoves: The stove is an appliance you use for cooking outdoors, allowing you to have a good meal after a tiring day.

  1. Cookware + Tableware

  • Sleep Equipment

  1. Atent: Waterproof + Moisture-proof
  2. Sleeping pad + Sleeping bag

Camping Progress 80%


After Camping

Take away the rubbish, the successful people in the camping.

What you use when you enter the mountain should also be taken away when you leave the mountain. For example, waste gas cans, plastic bottles, cans, wrapping paper, etc., they are not only visual pollution in mountainous areas, but also damage nature.

Camping Progress 100%