LX200: Unique Widen Field of View Design Head Torch

Victoper LX200 Head Torch Strip

The LX200 is a special design head torch. Unlike any traditional headlights, our powerful and uniquely designed strip head torch illuminates your surroundings. Bright 600 Lumens with 2 COB 230°Wide Beam. Easily illuminate entire tents, rooms and roads even in complete darkness.


Not only with 230°Full Vison but also with sensor mode, you can turn it on/off just by waving your hand in front of the head torch. Five modes can be selected. Whether you are hiking, camping, or mountaineering, the light bar headlight switch can bring you convenience no matter when and where.


This head torch is made of ABS and silicone. It's very light, weighing only 2.47 ounces. Even if you wear it for a long time, you will not feel uncomfortable.


LX200 makes it run for up to 8 hours in low gear and up to 3 hours in high gear. The LED has a built-in rechargeable battery that allows it to run for up to 8 hours low and 3 hours high.


The table below summarizes the features of the LX200 to help you see if it's right for you!

COB 40% COB 100% XPE 40% XPE 100%
400 lumens 600 lumens 200 lumens 500 lumens
Runtime 3-8h
Weight 60g
Waterproof IPX4