Find the suitable camping head torch on Victoper

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With the development of urbanization, our life is gradually surrounded by high-rise buildings, and the pressure of survival is increasing. Camping can help us reduce the stress of living in the city and relax. It is also an opportunity to get in touch with nature, and if you are walking with relatives and friends, it can also strengthen the connection between each other. Therefore, camping is more popular with the public.


When camping, it is normal to experience insufficient brightness at night. After adapting to the city lights, we suddenly need to act in the dark, which makes us very uncomfortable and even in a hurry. When it is necessary to have a picnic in the dark, and when walking around, it is inconvenient to hold the flashlight in both hands, the function of the head torch is very important.


Q: Among Victoper's head torch, what are the headlights suitable for camping?

A: Victoper’ head torch suitable for running are: Victoper V1000, V1001, V1005 and LX200 head torch.

Q: Why are these four headlights suitable for camping? What's the difference.

A: This question needs to be answered in detail. See below.


When choosing a camping head torch, the headlight function that needs the most attention.

First of all, when camping, a head torch is generally used when walking around the campsite, when cooking, and when leaving the tent at night. So when choosing a camping head torch, the head torch functions that need the most attention are these.

  1. Brightness and Adjustability

Camping head torch is different from mountaineering or extreme activity headlights. The requirements for illumination are not high, and it is enough to illuminate the path or objects in front of them. In camping, if you want to improve convenience and practicality, you can choose a style that can adjust the focus (lighting range) or switch between long-distance and short-distance modes.

  1. Comfort and weight

When using a camping headlamp, try to choose light headlights that can adjust the elastic width better. In camping, everyone does not need to be equipped with a head torch, sometimes 2-3 people can use one headlight together. Therefore, the headlight can be adjusted to adjust the tightness, which can meet everyone's usage habits. Of course, the weight of the headlight is also very important. A light headlight is more comfortable to move.

  1. Other functions

Other functions that need to be considered are determined by the needs and environment of camping.

If it is not simple camping, but a hiking trip, you need a higher brightness headlight, and you also need to consider the battery life of the head torch.

In addition, if you need to go out alone at night and do not want to disturb other people, you can choose a headlight with a red light mode.

In addition, if the battery life requirements are relatively high, the power of the head torch must be considered.


Why are Victoper V1000, V1001, V1005 and LX200 head torches suitable for camping?

This is determined according to their respective characteristics.


V1000 Head Torch: Only 60g weight, less pressure on your head wearing.

LX200 Head Torch: Unique Widen Field of View Design. Powerful Unique Designed Light Strip head torch lights up your surroundings.

The lumens of the V1000 and LX200 head torches are relatively low, which is suitable for camping with concentrated camping sites.


V1001 Head Torch: V1001 has a red light mode, which will not affect the people around you when you go out at night. There is also a flashing mode of red light, which can play the function of calling for help when outdoors. V1001 head torch is more suitable for backcountry camping.


V1005 Head Torch: Removable Lamp Design. The Lamp can be installed on the headband as a headtorch, or the Lamp can be removed from the headband so that you can use it as a hand torch. V1005 head torch can better meet the various needs of camping.


Choose a camping headlight that suits you to make your camping trip more comfortable.

A table about the Victoper V1000, V1001, V1005 and LX200 head torch features