The most complete guide to indispensable equipment and accessories for road and mountain bikes

Equipment on the your Bike


    1. Bicycle computer

The bicycle computer records basic riding information, such as distance, time, and speed.

Advanced models: This type of code table has more functions. More data such as air pressure, temperature, altitude, slope, etc. can be measured. GPS is also installed in other stopwatches, which can display riding trajectory in conjunction with a mobile app.

Professional model: This type of code table can not only record riding data, but also cooperate with other hardware (such as cadence sensors, heart rate meters) to record the physical condition of the rider during exercise, and the data is more detailed.

The best bicycle compute:


    1. Bike light

Bicycle lights can bring convenience to night riding. Never use a mobile phone flashlight to deal with these situations, it is very dangerous. Bicycle lights should consider their light projection area.

An excellent road bike light (for occasional off-road short trips) not only provides sufficient visibility for the car, but also has enough lumens to illuminate the road ahead. It should also have a stable battery life so that you don’t fall into darkness after an hour of pedaling.

Victoper C202 Bike Light


    1. Water bottle and bottle cage

Riding for a long time will make you lose a lot of water, so it is necessary to replenish it in time. However, it would be very inconvenient to put the kettle directly in the backpack, so it is recommended to use a bottle cage.


    1. Tool tank

Tool tank, this is really a good thing. It can hold a spare tire, two tire levers, a Thunder pump, and a combined portable tool. Tool tank 40 + spare tire 16 + tire lever (sent) + pump 99 + combination tool 20

Here, it's the black pot behind the kettle. Many riders thought I brought two bottles of water.


    1. Tube bag/Tail bag

The beam bag is suitable for holding small items, such as mobile phone coins, mobile phones, keys, etc., and is more suitable for short-distance riding. But it is easy to cause paint peeling.

The tail is suitable for long-picture cycling or cycling tours. It can put change, mobile phones, keys, power banks, tissues, snickers, and effervescent tablets. The net bag can be stuffed with an extra bottle of water.


    1. Dropper post

A dropper post, commonly referred to as a dropper, is a replacement for your bicycle’s seat post and allows for quick adjustment of saddle height without requiring you to get off your bike or even stop moving. (without having to manually move your post up and down when tackling steep trails).

The best dropper post for your bicycle


    1. Action camera

An action camera is not necessarily a must, but it can record things during our riding. The sports camera is open and convenient for taking pictures of beautiful scenery, and it can also record the passion and sense of substitution.

Action camear for cycling trip buying guides



Equipment used on the body


    1. Helmet

It goes without saying: Protect your head! Using a helmet reduces the chance of head injury by 50% and reduces the chance of head, face or neck injury by 33%. If the worst happens, the helmet can save your head and even your life. Modern helmets are lighter, well ventilated, safer and more beautiful than ever. There is no reason not to wear one.

The best bike helmets 2021:


    1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, but also prevent dust, bugs, and other debris raised by bicycles and cars that may harm your eyes.

General sports glasses fit the eyebrows and can block most of the sweat. In addition, they can adapt to day and night according to the different coatings of the lenses. It is best to choose polarized lenses for daytime lenses.

The best cycling glasses :


    1. Face Mask

As the coronavirus continues here for some time, masks or face shields are becoming a must-have item that everyone needs to carry with them. While maintaining comfort, this is mainly a trade-off between breathability and protection, so choose the ride that best suits you. Some of these masks can double the warmth for the winter cycling commute!


The best face mask for cycling:


    1. Cycling jerseys

A good cycling jersey can bring you comfort. It can keep you cool in summer and keep warm in winter. It provides pockets for storing food (and mobile phones), wicking away perspiration, and makes you feel fast and wonderful.

The best jerseys for man:

The best jerseys for woman:


    1. Gloves

In hot months, you can choose cool half-finger gloves, and in cold months, you can choose warm full-finger gloves. The back of cycling gloves is breathable, and there is usually an absorbent wipe around the thumb for wiping sweat or nose.

For added protection, it is recommended that all new riders wear gloves and start riding, although you may need to try different glove options to find the right gloves.

The best cycling gloves for man

The best cycling gloves for women :


    1. Clipless shoes and pedals

First, pedals can help you easily get more efficient output when climbing and sprinting, so it can help you increase your average speed during long-distance riding.

Second, increasing climbing power: Using lock pedals in undulating steep climbs can help you increase your cadence and even help you get up to 10% of short-term peak power.

Third, higher foot stability: This allows you to focus more on the road ahead and the ride itself, instead of distracting your energy from pedaling your feet.

Best mountain bike shoes 2021

Best road bike pedals 2021


    1. Headphone

Whether to use headphones while riding is a controversial issue. Some people believe that when riding, you need to use your ears to identify potential hazards. Others believe that music can make the riding process easier and promote you to achieve better results.

If you are choosing headphones for cycling, it is recommended that you choose wireless Bluetooth earphones, which are more convenient and safer than ordinary wired headphones.

The best headphone for cycling:



Appropriate bicycle equipment can escort your cycling journey and make your cycling fun.