Why choose V1000 for Night Running?

Victoper V1000 Lightweight Head Torch

A head torch designed for easy daily carrying and use. The V1000 headlamp is one of our range of lightweight headlights, available in black and green. To meet the needs of families, we have also introduced 2 packs. 650 Lumens brightness offers up to 150 meters of visibility, giving you much more peripheral vision.


For your everyday needs, including running, walking the dog and emergencies. The V1000 head torch light uses a high-quality rechargeable battery, it only takes 3 hours to fully charge, and the red light turns green. It can be used for 5-15 hours according to the different modes you choose and can support long time outdoor activities after a full charge.


A hidden but useful feature of the V1000 head torch is sensor mode, which really frees your hands. Headlights can be turned on/off with just a wave of your hand. In addition, V1000 has 5 light modes, You can switch the strong beam, moderate beam, weak beam, red beam, and SOS red strobe, suitable for indoor or outdoor.


In order to make the V1000 more suitable for running, walking the dog and other outdoor activities. It weighs only 60g and comes with an adjustable strap, so it won't feel uncomfortable even if you need to wear it for a long time. In order to adapt to different usage scenarios, the V1000 head torch is designed with a 60°adjustable angle, which can adjust the angle of the head torch when going up and downhill to illuminate where you need it. This function can solve most of your usage problems and is very convenient.


The below table summarises the properties of the V1000 to help you see if it is suitable for you!

Weight 60g
Output 650 lumens
Runtime 5-15h
Max beam distance 150meters
Waterproof IPX5
Dimensions 7.3 x 6.8 x 5.4 cm


Victoper V1000 Running Head Torch