Which Victoper head torch are suitable for backpackers?

Summer is coming. The weather is warmer, the sun is longer, and we have more time for backpacking. There are a lot of equipment that needs to be prepared during backpacking, one of which is lighting tools.

Head torches are the ideal backpacker lighting. The head torch is easy to use, frees the hands, and allows the hands to have more free movement space.


So how do you find the right head torch for you in Victoper?

This blog will analyze the head torch from 5 aspects and give recommendations for suitable Victoper head torch.

Note: We're not talking about high-powered lamps that light up campsites. We're talking about an ultralight head torch designed for long backpacking trips.


Factors to consider when purchasing a head torch

Ultra-light + Rechargeable Head Torch

During backpacking, we need to bring a lot of equipment, so try to choose a lightweight and small (50 to 100 grams) head torch, which can reduce your burden.

You also need to choose a rechargeable head torch. If you are using disposable batteries for power, you must carry enough spare batteries for long hikes. This definitely adds weight to your pack, but with rechargeable batteries (or lithium batteries), you just pack and carry the charger, which saves weight and storage space.



Usually, when we are backpacking, we need to use headlights in the evening when we are on the road, setting up tents, cooking, and doing night activities. Therefore, lumens selection at 4000-6000Lumens is very suitable.


Bright mode settings: (spotlight, floodlight, warning light)

Another important feature of the headlight is its adjustable beam setting. There are a variety of options to meet all your night lighting needs.

The following are the most common settings

1. Spotlight

The spotlight setup provides a high-intensity and sharp beam, like a spotlight for a theatre performance. This setup gives the lamp the furthest, most direct beam of light, ideal for long-distance use.

2. Floodlights

A floodlight setup is to illuminate the area around you. It provides low intensity and broad light, just like a light bulb.

Compared to a spotlight, it has lower overall brightness and is best for close-up activities, such as in a tent or around camp.

3. Signal lights:

The beacon setting (aka "strobe") emits a red flashing light.

This beam setup is intended to be used in emergencies, as the flashing red light is visible from a distance and is widely considered a distress signal.


Waterproof: (at least 4+ IPX rating)

Look for the numbers from 0 to 8 after "IPX" in the product description:

IPX0 means not waterproof at all

IPX4 means it can handle splashing water

IPX8 means it can be fully submerged in water.

When shopping for headlights, look for products rated between IPX4 and IPX8.


Battery life

(Recommendation: more than 2 hours in high brightness mode, more than 40 hours in low brightness mode)

Some high-powered headlights can drain the battery very quickly, which is something you have to consider if you are planning a backpacking trip for a few days.

The headlight should always be able to last at least 20 hours on low intensity and power-saving modes.

That's the few hours you're guaranteed to be out at night, plus some emergencies.


Three of the Best Ultralight Backpacker Head Torch from Victoper

V1001, V1005, and LX200 Head Torch are all three headlights suitable for backpackers. why?

Please see these parameters

Head Torch V1001 V1005 LX200
Colour Black Orange Black
Brightness 4000 Lumens 4000 Lumens 6000 Lumens
Lamp Beads 2 2 Strip Light
Switch Mode 6 Modes 6 Modes 5 Modes
Sensor Mode X
Adjustable 45° 180°
Weight 80g 160g 80g
Waterproof IPX4 IPX6 IPX4
Battery 2200mAh - 1200mAh
Charge USB+1*Battery USB+1*Battery USB
Features 2 Red Modes Removable as Torch 230° Wide Angle

V1001 Head Torch has red light mode. If you're travelling with friends, avoid disturbing your sleeping friends at night.

V1005 Head Torch can be disassembled to be used as a torch and can be used as a headlight and a torch.

LX200 Head Torch illuminates a wider range of situations that require a brighter environment.