Victoper outdoor head torch recommendations


I have always liked outdoor sports, climbing, camping, climbing high and caving, sometimes it will very tired and very hard, but when I standing on the top of the mountain and watching the sunset is beautiful. So I have always loved outdoor activities.

Lighting is indispensable for outdoor sports at night. Those who have overnight running or night exercises should all know that if there is a lighting tool on unfamiliar roads, it will be more conducive to our progress. The large-area floodlighting products are more conducive to walking, while the spotlight-type long-distance lighting products are suitable for road exploration.


Because I participate in a lot of outdoor sports, I need a head torch that is content with mountain climbing, caverns, and camping to meet the lighting needs.

Are there any zoom headlights that take into account both long-range and floodlight functions? In fact, there have always been such products on the market, but it is not easy to find a head torch with a suitable brightness, a suitable weight, and an adjustable head torch. The Victoper V5002 Head Torch just meets all my requirements for a head torch.


The Appearance of the Head Torch

The performance of the head torch is of course very important, but the appearance of the head torch is also one of the factors I consider. The Victoper V5002 Head Torch is basically composed of black, with the same silver colour as the LED bulbs, plus the green colour of the Waterproof rubber switch. I like it very much.

Victoper V5002 head torch advanced 3*T6 +2*XPE CREE XM-L LED bulb design. The Loop buckle uses a softer webbing, and the webbing uses a bead weave method, which makes it more breathable and easier to wick away perspiration. It is very comfortable to wear on the head. Super adjustable system bands will provide maximum comfort and that balances perfectly between the front and back of your head.


Weight & Battery Life

I often stay outdoors and the battery life of the head torch is also very important to me. I don't want to always charge the head torch. And for trail running or long-distance travel, a high endurance head torch can avoid a lot of trouble.

Victoper V5002 head torch uses a high-quality 5000mAh lithium polymer battery, which can be charged via USB. It supports 4-4.5 hours of fast charging and can provide 7-8 hours of use time. In addition, this rechargeable head torch is equipped with two strong life rechargeable batteries, you can charge it with the included USB cable by computer, power bank, AC adapter and car charger, which can be used for long life.

The battery life generally depends on the battery. The stronger the battery life, the heavier the weight of the headlight. The weight of the Victoper V5002 long-lasting headlight is only 0.3kg, which is already very light in terms of endurance. It is also very light and comfortable to use.


Brightness & Light Mode

Although the head torch was born for the liberation of hands, who often outdoors know that for the safety of night lighting, most of the headlights are designed for floodlighting, which is convenient to illuminate the feet, but the distance is completely dark. Safety and convenience must bring a long-range flashlight to explore the way, which undoubtedly increases the burden of outdoor travel.


Victoper V5002 Head Torch has built-in 3 T6 LEDs and 2 XPE LEDs, it provides super bright lighting and up to 150-400 meters of visibility. Brightness: maximum lumen about 6000. The most important thing is Victoper V5002 head torch has 6 types of Adjusted light modes.

And the humanized design, 90° tiltable and adjustable lamp head, can direct the beam to the place that needs to be illuminated and increase the wide-range visibility in the dark.

With large-area floodlight and long-distance illumination capabilities, Victoper V5002 Head Torch can almost complete all my outdoor lighting tasks.