Victoper V10000 Head Torch: 2022 Newest Brightest

Victoper's brightest head torch series is back! This time, it brings the expected V10000 head torch.

Get £4 Now (2022/11/10-2022/11/18)


This super bright headlamp is up to 22000 lumens!!

As we all know, the V8000 family, V8000, V80001 and V8002 were the brightest series of Victoper before. What is the new upgrade of the newly added V10000?

(V8000 series comparison)


①Brightness upgrade

22000 Lumens(max). Due to its advanced T6*4 + XPE*4+SMD*8 LED bulb design.

Brightness has increased, but lifting weight has not increased. Only 280g.


②8 lighting modes + 2 safety taillight modes

8 Working modes:

4*T6 White Light

4*XPE White Light

4*T6 + 4*XPE White Light

4*T6 + 4*XPE White Light (Strobe)

2*SMD White Light (strong)

2*SMD White Light (weak)

2*SMD Red Light (standard)

2*SMD Red Light (Strobe)

③Upgraded high-quality battery

3 hours of fast charging and provides 7-8 hours of usage.


④Added charging indicator.

Lets you know when it's time to charge.


V10000 head torch is extremely suitable for jogging, cycling, camping and other long-time night activities.