Victoper V1001 Head Torch Review


The head torch is easy to wear and use hands-free; the lighting can follow the line of sight, and the light will shine wherever the head turns, which is convenient for users to observe; compact design, easy to carry, etc., and it is widely used. It is highly praised by people in outdoor, off-road, auto repair, wiring, operation, etc.


Today I’m going to introduce the head torch with Red Modes among Victoper head torch: V1001 Head Torch!!!

So what are Red Modes? What is it for? Which outdoor activities is V1001 Head Torch more suitable for?


First of all, red light is the most commonly used function for outdoor people. Compared with the white light of the main light, the eyes are less dazzling to red light, so red light can effectively protect dark vision. When we are in the dark or in mountain houses or tents, we can reduce the impact on others. This is a very basic climbing etiquette! On the other hand, red light is the colour light with the longest wavelength and has better penetrating power. It is especially useful in the context of haze and rainy days.


White light is currently the most popular, beginning with the wide application of white light LEDs in flashlights in recent years. White light is close to the sunlight. Using white light to illuminate in the dark is in line with the visual experience of our eyes. Therefore, the eyes do not need to spend time adapting. It is the most comfortable colour light for the eyes. Moreover, white light is higher than other colours in terms of brightness and colour temperature, giving people the strongest bright feeling.


After knowing the role of red light and white light, it is necessary to understand more the performance of the V1001 Head Torch in order to know more clearly which outdoor activities this head torch is suitable for.


1. Normal Modes+2 Red Modes+ Sensor Mode

Rechargeable Head torches 4000 Lumens. Main switch: high-mid-low, auxiliary switch: red light on-red flash, long press 3-sec enter sensor mode. 10cm away the lamp wave hands up & down control on-off. Be prepared to adjust to a full range of lighting needs. Fit all adults and kids with a stylish design. 


White light: night walking, campsite lighting

Red light: coping with smog and rainy days


2. Long battery life + rechargeable design

27 Hours in Low ModeThe head torch use High quality 2200mAh Li-polymer battery which provides for 27 hours using time in low mode. Due to the rechargeable head torch use advanced 2pcs XPG2 white light LED + 2pcs 3030 red light LED bulbs design, and also use two high penetration glossy aluminium alloy reflectors, increase brightness and lighting range.


3.45º Adjustable & Waterproof

The head torch can help you to see anything clear ahead by pivoting the head down 45º to avoid the pavement cracks and obstacles. IPX4 water-resistant grade, it's safe to use even when it's raining.


Summary V1001 Head Torch features 4000 Lumens, red and white light modes, 27 hours of long battery life, rechargeable design, and 45° adjustable viewing angle.

The high-brightness design of 4000 Lumens can cope with various simple outdoor activities.

Coupled with the red light mode, it can cope with haze and rainy days, and when camping, turning on the red light mode will not affect the rest of the others.

V1001 Head Torch, camping, climbing, night hiking, haze and rainy days, long-distance trail running, caving and other outdoor activities.

Interestingly, when collecting consumer feedback, someone replied

red light is good for night photography.