What are the headlights suitable for night running in Victoper?

In winter, because the night time is longer, the daytime activities are shorter, which hinders our travel to a certain extent. Whether it’s going for a hike in the hills on the weekend, trying to keep fit over the winter months or just taking the dog for a walk, a head torch is an essential piece of kit for us to be able to continue all of our summer outdoor pursuits well into the depths of winter.

In the Victoper head torch series, there are no less than 20 head torch.

It would be very laborious to understand each headlight.

Many customers have asked a question: Which headlight is more suitable for night running?


For running or walking at night, you don’t need a high-flow headlight suitable for climbing or caving at night, otherwise it will cause trouble to other people. Just choose the right brightness. In addition, considering that you are in a state of exercise when running, the weight of the headlight is also a factor that needs to be considered.


  • Victoper V1000 Head Torch

Lumens: 650 Lumens brightness offers up to 150 meters of visibility, giving you much more peripheral vision.

Motion Sensor 5 Operation Modes: High brightness white light, medium brightness white light, low brightness white light, SOS strobe and sensor mode.

Lightweight: Only 60g

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2Pack is more preferential! V1000 head Torch - Green-2 Pack


Light Strip Type: V1002 Head Torch & LX200 Head Torch

  • Victoper V1002 Head Torch

Lumens: Compared to other 20 led head torch in the market, our headlights have upgraded to be 40 led lights with 1000 lumen output for maximum brightness that lights up everything with an incredible field of view.

Lightweight: 93g

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  • Victoper LX200 Head Torch

Lumens: Up to 600 lumens, unique widen field of view designlights up your surroundings unlike any traditional head torch. Super Bright 230°Wide-angle Lighting.

5 light modes of brightness: COB High/COB Low/XPE High/XPE Low/COB & XPE strobe.

Lightweight: 80g

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  • Victoper Running Chest Lamp

Lumens: 500 Lumens. Super brightness - High intensity light within 25 meters area illumination distance to ensure you can see potential obstacles or hazards.

3 Lighting Modes: High, Low and Strobe lights provide flexibility and the potential to extend battery time.

Lightweight: 220g

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Victoper Running Head Torch Comparison Table

Model Lumens Weight Adjustable Waterproof Light Mode Price
V1000 650 60g 60° IPX5 5 £10.99
V1002 1000 93G 0 IPX4 5 £20.99
LX200 600 80 G 90° IPX4 5 £13.99
Chest Lamp 500 220 G 90° IPX5 3 £15.58


In general, it is recommended to choose Victoper Running Chest Lamp for convenience; if you want a brighter headlamp, you can choose Victoper V1002 Head Torch; among them, the most cost-effective one is Victoper V1000 Head Torch.