What kind of Cycling light is needed for ordinary cycling?

If you don’t turn on the lights at night, not only you can’t see the road ahead, but more importantly, the cars and motor vehicles around you can’t see you. The danger is self-evident.

Of course, smart you may have long realized the importance of bike lights, but you are often troubled by not being able to find a cost-effective professional car light. Victoper C202 Bike lights set is here for you and brings you a complete set of professional cycling lighting solutions, so that you can enjoy cycling safely.



1.Equipped with Front and Rear lights

Victoper C202 Front and Back Bike Lights Set: Comes with a headlight and a tail light making your bicycle stand out with unmatched 360º visibility so you can be seen from both sides. Ensure maximum safety for your day-to-day commuting and illuminate your path at nighttime.

See everything in front of you and easily be seen by motorists, Victoper C202with unmatched 360º visibility so you can be seen from both sides.Suitable for all bikes, Mountain, Big Road Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, City Bikes, or any Bike including Kids bikes.


2.Multiple Modes

Victoper C202 Bike lights set headlight with 6 modes.Including strong, medium, weak, strobe, SOS, semaphore ( long press 2 seconds to turn off ).

Victoper C202 The tail light has five gears: red light always on / blue light always on / red fast flashing / sos / red and blue burst flashing. Easy to detach and suitable for camping, walking dogs or outdoor adventure activities.



3.Powered by mobile power, USB Rechargeable

Victoper C202 USB Rechargeable Cycling Lights Set: High-capacity rechargeable battery with an extra-long run time, bicycle lights built-in 2 X 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries provides up to 5-11 hours runtime on Brightest brightness. Both Front and Back Bike Light are USB RECHARGEABLE.


4.Waterproof and fall-proof, stable and reliable

Waterproof and Lightweight: The best bicycle lights set for men, women and children. Water resistant level of IPX5, no matter to use it in heavy rain or thick fog.

Victoper C202 feather Light Weight 197g Keeps Your Total Weight Low For More Efficient Rides and Carry.


Victoper LED bike lights can solve all your worries about bicycle lights.

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