Which one is best for you: Head torch or flashlight?

Head torch, which have slowly entered our lives in recent years, plays a role in our camping, running, hiking, walking or hanging out in place of flashlights. Of course, flashlights still provide convenience in our lives.

But which one is best for you? Head torch or flashlight?

This blog will be analyzed from their features, and finally, you will know which one do you need more?


Ease of Use

The purpose of the head torch design is to free your hands, allowing you to keep your hands in the dark. No need to try to get the flashlight between your teeth or under your armpit. Because it needs to be worn on the head, I will try to be as light and low-key as possible, and it is very convenient to put in a backpack.

A hand-held flashlight is easy to carry around. A handheld flashlight can easily be placed on rocks or trees to illuminate something or under a bottle, as a makeshift camping light in a tent that can illuminate anywhere, you point your way.

Of course, there are also products that combine the convenience of both. Such as the Victoper V1005 head torch, can be used as a head torch, and it can also be disassembled and used as a flashlight.


Lighting Modes Selection

Headlights generally have multiple modes, including switching between different brightness levels. Can be used in scenes that require different brightness.

There will also be coloured light options (usually red), so you can check a map or locate something without completely disrupting your night vision or waking up other people in the tent. As well as a flash function that can be used to remind people of your presence.

An option offered by many head torch is a rear red light located on the back of the headband, enabling those behind you to see you in the dark - a great safety feature for runners who are adventuring on country roads after dark and walkers.

Flashlights have fewer beam choices. Of course, there are flashlights that are as versatile as headlights, but the price will be higher.

Irradiation Range and Using Time


Currently, there is an astonishing range of head torches, but this range usually requires a higher cost.

Generally speaking, for the same price, a flashlight will be able to hold more battery power, and will outperform a headlight, both in terms of distance and usable time - but it will of course be bulkier.

However, the Victoper V8001 Head Torch has a range of up to 600m, and the light can be used for 7-8h at its brightest. Also comes with a bag for easy portability.


At last, for friends who are often outdoors, head torches are a must. Night hikers, trail runners, climbers, cavers, and skiers - head torch can keep your hands free in the dark.

But there are situations where a good handheld flashlight will definitely come in handy, like when you're camping and chatting with your buddies, and you don't want to be blinded. Without thinking too much, you can have both of them.