Here at Victoper, keep you safe during the night.  For people to have suitable lighting experience in outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, running, caving.


In 2018, Victoper officially started selling its first headlight product on Amazon. After 4 years, we have continuously updated product types and improved product quality and service quality. Successfully become the top ten merchants and brands in the headlight category of Amazon. It also has an original design headlight style and has become a hot product (V1000 head torch). By 2021, we will pay more attention to outdoor activities at night, and we are also committed to providing convenience for the public at night outdoor lighting.


We believe there’s nothing more annoying than hand-take lights and junk light works once. We also believe there’s nothing better than smart, hands-free, super-bright electronic innovations, shipped right to your door. That’s why every Victoper product is designed and manufactured with meticulous attention.


The core of Victoper's design is to explore nature in better lighting conditions. Victoper - Your best partners for night adventures!


As a new brand, we provide cost-effective head torches, bicycle lights, and flashlights. Our products can be shipped to the UK. Some products can be shipped to Germany, France, Italy and Spain.